2D Game Artist for Hire

2010-06-30 14:47:54 by Izzy-A

Photoshop: 7 years
Flash: 5 years
General Art: 10+ years
I can do character animations, background art, UI, comics, concepts, pretty much everything art related.
I mostly like using tweens for animations because it allows me to add more detail to movie clips, but I can do frame by frame animations as well.

My Portfolio
My Games
Art on Newgrounds

I prefer to be co-authored, and would like the game to be auctioned off at a place like flashgamelicence, or if it's a mobile game, sold for 99 or something and want a fair cut from those proceeds.

Other Preferences
I had experiences with projects getting too big to finish so I dropped them altogether. I would rather work on smaller games and finish them in less than 3 months.
I like working on games mostly, but if you'd like to commission a small animation/drawing for me to make, I can do that too

Send me a PM or email me at iskander.aminov@gmail.com


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